"Vibes Speak" Eco Friendly Unisex Fleece Hoodie - Black
"Vibes Speak" Eco Friendly Unisex Fleece Hoodie - Black

"Vibes Speak" Eco Friendly Unisex Fleece Hoodie - Black

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Our oversized ridiculously soft + comfy "Vibes Speak" unisex fleece hoodie is designed with the intention to help you step into the vibe that you want to project throughout the day.

Before getting dressed take a moment to just breathe, drop into heart and ask yourself - what do I want to embody + feel today? By taking a moment to set your intentions you are aligning your mind + heart + energy = you being the powerful creator of your life and super attractor of all that is for your highest good.

As always, every product we create is infused with love, light and Reiki energy.

Pair with leggings for a chic athleisure look or jeans for a casual everyday look! 

Fabric: 52% cotton, 48% polyester. Made in Nicaragua with USA fabrics.

The meaning behind our logo mark:
Just like our products, our mark has incredible intention. An upside down triangle is known to represent a female's balance, flow, and source of being creative. And with it's hidden heart on the bottom half, we couldn't be more proud to have this unique symbol represent the Spiritually Intimate brand.


  • White Spiritually Intimate logo mark
  • Dyed-to-match draw cords
  • Ridiculously comfy fleece
  • Kangaroo pocket

Unisex fit - meant to be oversized.

Ladies size chart:

S: 4-6 ladies
M: 8-10 ladies
L: 12-14 ladies
XL: 16-18 ladies