Nerd out with us for a sec...crystals are conduits of energy and information. The reason we love them is because they help us elevate our energy when we have low vibrations (vibes) in and around our body. They are also a really beautiful ritual to set an intention for how you want to feel each day.


That's why our Crystalette tags say, "Wear me when you want to feel...." We're here to remind you to select and embody a specific energy to help you slay the day. We don't like leaving our emotions and focus to chance. At Spiritually Intimate we are all about keeping our crystals close & intentions clear. (Clear AF.) 


Hear us when we say... crystals aren't magic. But they are stunningly beautiful tools.


You, sister friend, are the magic. We're just here to help you remember that.


Because crystals can carry information, we want to make sure that anyone's energy that has handled your stone before you do is cleared from its information and energy. Every stone that we sell gets cleared and charged before it's sent to our clients. Nothing but the highest of vibes for our babes!



Smudge them: Hold the crystal in your hand and light a bundle of sage or palo santo wood until it smolders. Wave the smoke back and forth over the crystals. Then extinguish the embers.


Leave them in the moonlight: Sounds strange but if the moons energy controls the tide, it's fair to assume it's got some pretty rad vibes. The earth, sun, moon and stars know what's up! A few common crystals that can't get wet if it's going to rain: amber, turquoise, red coral, fire opal, moonstone, calcite, kyanite, kunzite, angelite and selenite.



Currently, we're including a variety of three starter crystals for your Crystalette collection. While it's impossible to pick any favorites, these are three stones we don't leave home without so we wanted to make sure you don't have to either. 


A Pep Talk From Pyrite: 
Don't let my good looks fool you. I'm not just a pretty face. I've got some potent good luck and money vibes. Champagne bottles be poppin when I walk in! I create a buzz (see what I did there?) of life force energy, focus, leadership, and creativity. You want the posture and confidence of a billionaire...vibe with me. That's how I roll. Wear me when you want to feel like a bold little billionaire.


A Love Letter From Rose Quartz:
I’m gonna knock on the door of your heart chakra, surprise it with a dozen roses, and give it a comfort hug. I’m compassionate and understanding – I’ll never judge you, ever. You can trust me with your heart. I’m tender and caring and just want to heal you so hard…a gentle hard though – like a scene from a movie where the love interest is standing in the rain holding a boombox professing their undying commitment to you. Wear me when you want to feel love and give fear a wrong number.


A Poem From Amethyst:
I’m a perfectly purple, powerfully protective, promoter of physical passions that places your mental and emotional health as a priority. Appropriately placed, I’m a mindset-shifting magical shaman that’s positioned perfectly to purify patterns and habits and place you on a pedestal. Pain and stress can’t pass through the spiritual vibrational energy shield of peace that I project. Pull me out when you’re planning a mental pajama-jammy-jam packed with pinot, pugs, and platters of purity. Wear me when you want to feel wrapped in a blanket of zen.