Spiritually Intimate is a female-owned and operated company that creates high vibrational products for women to help you create a life that feels good, on purpose. Because women that feel good, do good.

WE TAKE THE HIGH ROAD: We take aligned and intuitive action from the high frequencies of joy, love, integrity, courage, discernment and passion; never fear. 
WE PUT ENERGY FIRST: Every product and human is cared for at a vibrational level. We only partner with companies that focus on putting high vibrations into their products & people. Period. Vibes speak louder than words. 

WE INNOVATE: We don't do things just because that's the way they have always been done. We are here to challenge the status quo and create a higher standard of living - for all.

WE EMPOWER: Every team member has a voice and is empowered to lead as the CEO of their role within the company in a collaborative effort to bring the most innovative and impactful ideas to the world. 

WE COLLABORATE VS. COMPETE: If everyone follows their soul path, there's room for all of us to win. We want to see everyone win. 

WE FOCUS ON PURPOSE, THEN PROFITS: Every high vibrational product exists to help women create a life that feels good, on purpose. Every product is tied to its own social impact.

WE EVOLVE: We're here to grow and expand. We hold space for ourselves, employees, customers and partners to do that. 

WE FOCUS ON THE FEELING: We believe in stepping into and embodying the feeling of already having our deepest desires. Whatever "that feeling" is for you... feel the fuck out of it.


Our desire is to educate, elevate and empower women around the globe who boldly pursue love, creativity and a higher vision of life --- for all.
This summer we'll be launching the Crystalette™️, bralettes uniquely designed with pockets (patent pending) to keep your crystals close & intentions clear. Why you ask? Because let’s be honest - life’s more fun when vibes are whole-heartedly high and necklines are luxuriously low (wink-wink).
Each Crystalette is designed to help you embody a feeling that matches the energetic vibration of it's specific stone. Whether you want to feel like a billionaire, be wrapped in zen, or feel even more love; there's a Crystalette that wants to support you ;)

Next, we'll be launching the first ever, frequency infused activewear line that will quite literally raise your vibes while you wear each piece giving you a custom and supported feeling. 

Just like our products, our mark has incredible intention. An upside down triangle is known to represent a female's balance, flow, and source of being creative. And with it's hidden heart on the bottom half, we couldn't be more proud to have this unique symbol represent the Spiritually Intimate brand.


From left to right, Blair Dreessen (Co-founder), Andrea Crowder (Co-founder) and Brynna Nicole Marnocha (Chief Brand Officer).