Billion Dollar Babe | Pyrite

Billion Dollar Babe | Pyrite

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Designed thoughtfully to keep your crystals close + intentions clear.

A Pep Talk From Pyrite: 
Don't let my good looks fool you. I'm not just a pretty face. I've got some potent good luck and money vibes. Champagne bottles be poppin when I walk in! I create a buzz (see what I did there?) of life force energy, focus, leadership, and creativity. You want the posture and confidence of a billionaire...vibe with me. That's how I roll. 
Wear me when you want to feel like a bold little billionaire.


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  • Includes one (1) Pyrite stone
  • Pocket within each cup that will hold several crystals
  • One inch opening to pocket on the side (just under armpit) so your crystals are safe and secure. Trust us, we put the pocket through rigorous testing to make sure your intentions are safe. Those babies aren't going anywhere!


Looking to send a Crystalette for a gift? A Spiritually Intimate gift card makes sure they get exactly what color they want / crystal they need! 


85% Nylon, 15% Spandex
Handwash cold
Do not bleach
Remove crystals before washing
Lay flat to dry
Do not iron
Designed and made in the USA with love + intention

S  |  30 - 32 - 34  A/B
M  |   32 - 34 - 36  B/C
L  |  34 - 36 - 38  C/D
XL  |  36 - 38 - 40  D/DD


*Crystals are not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.