Palo Santo Bundle + Clear Quartz Amplifyer

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Palo Santo disintegrates low frequencies from your space. It is also a beautiful aromatherapy experience. We've included a small clear quartz to help amply this cleansing intention. As always, every product we create is infused with intentions of love via healing alchemy. 

Instructions: Light the end by holding it over a flame until it's burning on it's own. Blow the flame out (carefully) and allow the smoke to fill your space. If you walk around your environment make sure to have a dish below your stick to catch any embers that may fall off. You may choose to recite a intention like, "Cleanse and transmute anything lower than the frequency of love in my space."


  • 3 palo santo sticks - sourced from Peru
  • 1 clear quartz crystal (size and shape may vary)
  • 1.4 oz (may vary slightly)
  • (Large base crystal holding the bundle - not included)


*Not intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease.