Throw Pillow Cover | Spiritual AF
Throw Pillow Cover | Spiritual AF

Throw Pillow Cover | Spiritual AF

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Cover only: pillow insert not included.

Carefully curated with the intention to create a cozy atmosphere for you to sit, think, meditate, journal, dream, visualize, vision board, manifest and create, with purpose and on purpose. Let it pull you in and wrap you in a cozy vibration. Speak it, "I am supported and it feels good. I can manifest anything I want when I feel good. Feeling good is the whole point."

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Add this cozy vibe to your:

  • Home office
  • Bedroom
  • Meditation space
  • Couch or chair
  • Window seat


  • White fabric with midnight blue/grey text
  • Hidden matching zipper
  • 100% pure natural cotton twill
  • Woven
  • Square
  • Insert is not included. We recognize that so many of us have throw pillows that are outdated, so we encourage you to consider reusing an insert from an older pillow before purchasing a new insert. 💕
  • Pillow cover imported
  • Designed and printed in the United States